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Introducing our enchanting Desert Moon mask, a celestial marvel that draws its inspiration from the mystical allure of desert nights. Crafted to pamper and rejuvenate, this extraordinary blend harmoniously unites the purest earthly elements to bestow a celestial glow upon your skin.


  • At the core of this lunar potion lies a captivating fusion of Fullers Earth Clay, Rhassoul Clay, and Rose Clay. Like the shifting sands of dunes, these potent clays delicately cradle your skin, purifying and revitalizing it with their natural prowess.
  • Embracing the essence of botanical wonder, Desert Moon indulges in the gentle touch of Marshmallow Root Powder and the comforting caress of Rose Flower. Together, they lend a softening touch and a serene sensation, leaving your skin feeling velvety and nurtured.
  • Awaken your senses as you bask in the embrace of intoxicating aromas. Cocoa Powder, Cardamom, Ground Clove, and Cinnamon Powder infuse the mask with warm, spicy notes reminiscent of desert nights by a crackling fire. Nutmeg Powder and Vanilla Seed Powder add a touch of indulgence, making each application a luxurious experience.
  • Unlock the secrets of the desert with the benefits of Turmeric and Activated Charcoal. These revered ingredients work harmoniously to draw out impurities.
  • Unveil the timeless wisdom of nature with the nourishing power of Gotu Kola Powder and Bamboo Extract. Like whispers from the ancient desert, these botanical treasures offer profound hydration and a renewed sense of vibrancy.


As the Desert Moon graces your skin, it harnesses the rejuvenating properties of natural wonders, leaving you with a radiant and ethereal glow. Each application transports you to a place of tranquility, as if bathed in the soft, silvery light of the desert moon.


Complete with a handcrafted concrete dish, inspired by the mesmerizing night skies, and a vegan brush for effortless application, the Desert Moon mask invites you on a celestial journey to embrace your skin's true radiance under the enchanting desert moon.

Desert Moon Mask

Mask with Moon Dish
  • Use weekly.  In a small bowl, mix a tiny spoonful of powder with a few droplets of liquid (water, oil, milk) to create a paste. Apply to face, leaving for 10-15 minutes; rinse thoroughly.


    As you apply the mask, close your eyes and connect with the natural world. Embrace the stillness of the desert night, feeling the gentle breeze and the whispers of ancient wisdom surrounding you.


    Gently rinse the concrete moon dish and dry completely.  The dish has been sealed with a non-toxic, water based sealant.  Do not fully submerge the dish in water.  


    1 oz powder mask

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