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Introducing our Moon Mask, a sublime creation inspired by the untouched beauty of nature, designed to nourish and revitalize mature skin. This exquisite formulation harnesses the essence of Earth's bountiful gifts, blending together an array of powerful active ingredients.


  • At the heart of this lunar elixir lies a triumphant trio of clays—Pink Clay, Kaolin Clay, and Cambrian Clay. Like celestial dust, these clays gently caress your skin.
  • Calling upon the soothing whispers of Bamboo and Coconut Milk, these nurturing botanicals offer deep hydration and promote a supple, plump appearance.
  • Beneath the surface, the Moon Mask draws its power from the mystical depths of Micro Algae. This ancient aquatic treasure, brimming with antioxidants and essential nutrients, dances upon your skin, restoring vitality.
  • Drawing upon the abundant wisdom of the natural world, Kakadu Plum and Tart Cherry work in harmony to brighten and rejuvenate. Kakadu Plum, bursting with vitamin C, this extraordinary fruit bestows upon your skin a lit-from-within luminescence, as if kissed by moonbeams themselves. Tart Cherry, with its luscious red hue, imparts a symphony of antioxidants, lending your skin a renewed freshness.
  • Experience the transformative power of Pine Bark and Resveratrol, a dynamic duo against aging. Like ancient guardians, Pine Bark shields your skin from environmental stressors, promoting a firm, toned appearance. Resveratrol, derived from the grapevine, works its magic to reduce visible signs of aging.


Complete with a hand-poured concrete mini moon dish and a mini vegan brush, our mask, a manifestation of nature, unveils your skin's true radiance under the moonlit sky.

Moon Mask

Mask with Moon Dish
  • Use weekly. 


    We invite you to take a moment for yourself under the moonlit sky. Embrace this enchanting experience as you nourish your skin and soul, cherishing the art of self-care amidst nature's wisdom.


    Shake to combine the two layers of clay.  In a small bowl, add a spoonful of powder with a few droplets of liquid (water, oil, milk) to create a paste. Apply to face, leaving for 10-15 minutes; rinse thoroughly.


    Gently rinse the concrete moon dish and dry completely.  The dish has been sealed with a non-toxic, water based sealant.


    1 oz powder mask

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