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Our modern take on traditional Beldi soap is a luscious and nourishing formula that pays homage to the centuries-old Moroccan and Turkish tradition of bathing in hammams (bathhouses), where the velvety texture and skin-softening properties of gel soap were revered.


Crafted with a blend of skin-loving oils, including sunflower, castor, black cumin, and coconut, our gel soap incorporates the detoxifying properties of activated charcoal and kaolin clay. Beyond the enchanting aromas and silky texture, this soap is a sanctuary for troubled skin, thanks to its powerful detoxifying properties and the antimicrobial effects of black cumin. The infusion of copaiba resin, lavender, black pepper, and bergamot create a harmonious sensory experience.


Experience the ritualistic touch with a traditional exfoliating mitt, delicately eliminating dead skin cells to reveal a remarkably smoother and more radiant complexion. Indulge in the holistic experience of our Gel soap , where the ancient wisdom of Moroccan and Turkish traditions meets the modern solution for troubled skin. Your journey to radiant and balanced skin begins here.


As a commitment to sustainability, our Black Seed Detox Gel Savon is packaged in an eco-friendly aluminum tube, eliminating the need for wasteful plastic packaging.



Moroccan Gel Savon - Black Seed Detox

  • Use daily.  Apply the gel to damp skin and scrub off with a mitt for deep exfoliation or use a wash cloth. 


    As you lather the gel soap onto your body, be mindful of each movement. Feel the cleansing and nourishing properties of the soap on your skin and imagine it gently removing impurities and tensions from your body and mind.  Lavender, with its soothing and calming notes, combines seamlessly with the subtle warmth of black pepper, while the citrusy brightness of bergamot adds a refreshing touch to the overall bouquet.


    5 oz aluminum tube

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