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Experience the mystical and grounding aroma of Palo Santo with this divine soap. Crafted with a blend of rich butters and nourishing olive oil infused with the sacred herb ashwagandha, this soap provides a truly indulgent and luxurious lather that deeply moisturizes the skin.  


Let the gentle but powerful healing properties of ashwagandha and kaolin clay, combined with the nourishing and moisturizing oils, envelop your skin, leaving it soft, supple, and radiant.


Inhale the captivating woodsy and balsamic blend of essential oils, featuring the uplifting and spiritual scent of Palo Santo, paired with the soothing aroma of amyris, the refreshing scent of cypress, and the delicate sweetness of geranium.


This soap bar is truly a nourishing and sacred experience for the senses and the skin, perfect for those seeking a connection to nature and a moment of tranquility in their daily routine.

Palo Santo

  • Use daily.  Rub the bar between wet hands to create a fluffy lather. Store in a dry place to extend life.  


    As you cleanse your body, repeat affirmations or express gratitude for yourself and your body. Recognize your uniqueness and the importance of self-love. Allow the positive energy to flow through you, connecting your mind and body.


    6 oz rectangular bar

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