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As you lather up with our Volcanic Sand soap bar, you'll be transported to the rugged coastlines of Iceland, where the black sand shimmers under the brilliant Nordic sun. The volcanic sand gently but effectively buffs away dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Creamy coconut milk, along with nourishing botanical oils and rich butters, will leave your skin feeling deeply moisturized, soft and supple to the touch.


Infused with the earthy allure of vetiver and the nuanced depth of clary sage, this blend carries a subtle whisper of clove and a touch of sweet orange. The resulting aroma is an exact mirror of a sultry men's cologne – captivating, intriguing, and universally alluring, making it a favorite among all who appreciate its masculine charm.

Volcanic Sand

  • Use daily.  Rub the bar between wet hands to create a fluffy lather. Store in a dry place to extend life.  

    6 oz rectangular bar

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